5 Tips for Creating a Good Documentation

Product documentation can be a great marketing asset for promoting both your product and your organization. Most customers usually rely on product information to inform their purchasing decisions, so product documentation can be used to support marketing initiatives.

Great documentation for your website ensures the following things:

  • It helps the customers understand what the product is and how it can benefit them.
  • It helps users understand how to use the product.
  • Great documentation is usually full of keywords, links, and is well-structured which eventually helps in improving the SEO of the website.
  • High-Quality documentation ensures that the customers get the full value of the product, and thus helps in building a loyal customer base.

However, poor documentation of your product or inaccurate information about the product can affect the product negatively and thus result in frustration and can drive the users away from the product.

So, we should always ensure to create great documentation. Now, a question arises here – what does good documentation consist of? Below mentioned are some tips for creating good documentation.

Tips for Creating a Good Documentation

  • Good documentation should be well-organized in the relevant categories, i.e., Getting Started, Billing Information, General Information, Developer Resources, etc. Once a customer visits your knowledge base, they should be able to easily identify what they are looking for and access that information.
  • Good documentation should be complete. Always. Incomplete documentation cannot be considered as good. There should be documentation for every feature of the product. The documentation should try and list the use cases in which all the features of a product could be used.
  • Good documentation should be concise. Good documentation should be brief but comprehensive. The focus should be on giving a lot of information clearly and in a few words. We should try to make sure that no unnecessary information is included in the documentation.
  • Good documentation should have visuals (images, videos, and infographics) for a better understanding of a topic. As humans, we tend to have a better understanding of subjects that are processed with visuals. Another point here is Visual Content is easy to read, understand, faster to grasp. Thus, good documentation should make efficient use of images, videos, and infographics to help users troubleshoot their issues.
  • Finally, Good documentation must be up-to-date. In a world, where we release a new update with features and bug fixes of a product almost every other week, up-to-date documentation is the only thing that a user can use to feel connected and comfortable with the product.

Wrapping it up!

This was a short informative guide on the importance of good documentation and some tips that one should keep in mind while creating documentation.

Let us know of any other tips that you think are important and should be considered while creating a good documentation!

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