Improve Customer Support with a Knowledge Base Plugin

Are you looking for an effective yet easy solution to reduce the workload of your support team? If yes, you have landed on the right spot.

Undoubtedly, the customer support team is our company’s unsung heroes. If you have an online business, you probably know the value of your support executives. Handling all support tickets efficiently and replying to customers in a timely manner sometimes becomes cumbersome, even for a professional.

There are plenty of ways through which you can offload your support team’s workload. One of the best and straightforward methods is to provide a self-service knowledge base to your customers. An informative and detailed knowledge base helps your customers find solutions to queries independently without bothering support executives, thus decreasing your support team’s workload.

A knowledge base isn’t just helpful for customers; it’s also useful for your business hence needs to be appropriately created. If you are working in a WordPress ecosystem, you probably know regular WordPress posts and pages do not provide enough options to build a fully-functioning knowledge base; we need to use some third-party solution to create an advanced and well-functional knowledge base.

In this post, we’ll discuss how you can create a well-detailed knowledge base on your WordPress website and reduce customer support with a knowledge base plugin.

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What Is a Knowledge Base?

A knowledge base is a set of libraries that typically contains frequently asked questions, how-to guides, and other troubleshooting questions. The main purpose of creating a knowledge base is to make customers more autonomous by providing instant answers to their queries. It helps your customers to solve issues on their own without asking for help. 

A knowledge base can be of multiple types, including

  • Frequently asked questions
  • Video Demonstrations
  • Step by step guides
  • Introductory Articles
  • Important Updates
  • How-Tos

Why Is a Knowledge Base Important?

Many customers prefer using a self-service knowledge base before writing an email or contacting the support team. If you are in any online business, a well-written knowledge base can be a double-edged sword for your business.

How to Reduce Customer Support With a Knowledge Base Plugin

Though the knowledge base holds an important role in an organization’s growth and productivity, creating a powerful knowledge base is challenging. 

To create a useful knowledge base and reduce customer support, we need to use a powerful tool: Knowledge base Plugin. If you are working in a WordPress ecosystem, you probably know how an advanced plugin can easily offload our work by providing a number of features and functionalities. These available plugins ease your tasks and allow you to make changes easily and work according to your requirements.

For example, you can use a form plugin to build contact forms on your website. You can easily create discount coupons or make a whole coupon website using an advanced coupon plugin. Moreover, you can display your company’s or personal portfolio through a portfolio plugin. 

No matter what you want to create, a plugin will always work as your rescuer. 

Benefits of Using a Knowledge Base Plugin

Allows You to Make Advanced Customizations Without Relying on Developers

One of the major benefits of using a knowledge base plugin is that it allows you to make advanced customizations without bothering developers. Functionalities such as Live Search and Table of Contents hold a vital role in website documentation, but implementing these functionalities is challenging. 

However, you can add these functionalities into your documentation effortlessly with a powerful knowledge base plugin. One of the most advanced and powerful documentation plugins is SmartDocs. It is loaded with all essential customization options that help you streamline your website’s documentation process.

Styling Options at Your Fingertips, No Special Coding Skills Needed

While building a website, many people that are struggling most are with styling options. If you are not familiar with CSS or HTML, it becomes quite difficult for you to alter small settings regarding design, whether you need to change the text color or text font.    

Using a knowledge base plugin gives you complete flexibility to alter your doc pages’ styling in just a few clicks. With SmartDocs, you get all styling options at your fingertip. It offers a set of customization options that you can use to change colors, typography, spacing without touching a single line of code.

Fast and Reliable

Using a documentation plugin instead of a theme is quite reliable. Many documentation plugins work comparability faster than a documentation theme. Talking about SmartDocs, the plugin engineered to work with minimal resources. It works faster without affecting page loading speed at all.

Loaded With Extensive Features

Plugins are created to make difficult tasks more manageable; thus, every plugin is loaded with extensive features. These features not only make our work simpler but also improves our experience of working with plugins. A fully-functioning knowledge base plugin helps you equally if loaded with advanced features.

SmartDocs is proven to be one of the best documentation plugins. Apart from basic options, the plugin includes many advanced features that help you create powerful documentation on your website. Options like Breadcrumbs, In-built Layouts, Search Analytics, and User Feedback allows you to create a well-documented resource for your user.

Easy to Manage

WordPress documentation plugins are made with a focus on functionality and ease of use. For example, SmartDocs comes with a backend interface that allows you to manage all of your docs from a single place. This focused functionality enables you to manage your docs and archive pages efficiently.

How to Create a Knowledge Base using SmartDocs?

SmartDocs is the free documentation plugin that you can use to create in-depth documentation of your products. It multiple features and an interactive interface that allows your customers to easily navigate between docs and find the right piece to solve their issue.

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Wrapping it up!

I hope this post helps you to understand the importance of using a knowledge base plugin on your WordPress website. There are plenty of plugins that you can use, but if you are looking for an powerful and free documentation resource, SmartDocs is the best solution for you.

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