How to use SmartDocs – Categories widget on your site?

Our SmartDocs plugin has a Categories widget that you can use to display a list of doc categories on any widget area of your site.

Simply head over to WP-Admin >> Appearance >> Widgets >> SmartDocs - Categories and choose the widget area where you want to display the SmartDocs - Categories widget.

SmartDocs - Categories Widget
SmartDocs - Categories Widget

For our example, we are adding the widget to the “Smart Docs Sidebar” widget area. 

Note that the widgets added in the SmartDocs Sidebar area will be shown on all Single Docs and Category pages. So, SmartDocs - Categories widget will now be shown on all the Single Docs and Category pages.

Once you have added the widget, head over to the SmartDocs Sidebar area and click on SmartDocs - Categories.

SmartDocs Sidebar
SmartDocs Sidebar

As we can see in the above screenshot, we have the option to change the title of the widget. Further, we can choose to display the Docs categories as a dropdown, show the post count of docs in each category, show or hide empty categories and hierarchy.

Feel free to get in touch in case you have any questions regarding the SmartDocs - Categories widget.

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